Thursday, January 10, 2008

perfect meatball

1pd hamburger
1/2 pd sausage
2 eggs
italian breadcrumbs
tsp pepper
tsp peanut oil

mix the above ingredients in a bowl, while mixing, heat frying pan on low and add peanut oil to pan, set oven to 375. Roll ingredients into balls and place in pan, fry up balls until they are brown and then place in oven for 25 minutes. Take out balls and let cool for 10 minutes.

There ya have it the perfect fuckin meatball!

Please eat in moderation, in other words don't make a fuckin pig of yourself

Saturday, December 8, 2007

"I have seen the light"-john belushi,1979,the blues brothers

I had a moment last night,

The last few days I have been experiencing panic attacks. Its so not cool. I hate it. Arm goes numb , chest hurts, dizzy, total out of body kind of thing.Thought I was dying. Being a somewhat calm individual this has been very shocking, Zanax is my friend now ya might say.
Okay, nice, sweet and to the point, Death brought this on. I am horrified of death. Scares the crap out of me, as well most people I spose.
Now, I have never been one to have faith, I have always felt religion was a form of brainwash, God loves you so much, yet you screw up once and he'll send ya to hell.... but he loves you. Never made sense to me.
Until last night (I'm so dramatic aren't I)
Last night I saw the strangest thing, Im outside smoking (which is idiotic in my state right now) and I see four stars in the shape of the cross in the western sky, (check it out around 11:30 pm).
It told me I need to have faith in something, anything, to help me get through these attacks. It told me that i am not alone, and that there has to be something post-death.
I must have said the our father dozens of times during that first attack, and a few times a day since. I have found that it comforts me, it helps me with my breathing, and it helps me to believe that I am not alone.
I got my answer that night in the stars.
Now Im not going to go all preacher or anything, but damn.
I recently had a dear friend past away, I miss my friend.
Now I know, like that final scene in shawshank redemption, I will see my friend again he will be at myside, and the spam will flow like wine.
I love you all

Thursday, December 6, 2007

tucker the pirate

I was at work, a friend called me and told me bram had died. I called kari and she confirmed it. I was in a state of disbelief , we all were, and still are. A few friends met at a bar, had some drinks, smoked a few, and I went home. This was the first time in my life Someone this close to me had died, Bram and I lost touch for a few years, as what happens in life, we started talking again last summer, when he got that kickass job looking at boobs. I was sick when he came home in august, I only saw him for a brief moment, he showed me a picture of michelle, and as he always called her his beautiful wife, he loved you so much, and a picture of his pirate outfit.
anyway The program from the funeral had a picture of the pirate outfit, Jen and I returned home and Tucker saw the picture, gave me a big hug and he asked me if I was sad because I had been crying, I said yes, because my friend died, and tucker said "your friend the pirate," I relized that I had the program in my hand and he noticed the picture, kids are very smart if you dont have one maybe you should get one. Tucker told me that he would be my pirate friend now so I would'nt be sad. Since then that day my little tuke, has become a pirate. Any of you who knew Brammy and have kids, I believe at one point bram will somehow in some weird way affect them, as he did us. I miss him.